Rumi’s Workshop of Truth

باز گرد از هست، سوی نیستی

طالب رَبّی و ربّانیستی

return from the thing to Nothingness

in search for God and Godness-ness

جای دخل است این عدم از وَی مَرَم

جای خرج است این وجودِ بیش و کم

it is pure income this nothingness، don’t avoid it

for this existence  more or less is expenditure

کارگاه صنع حق، چون نیستی است

پس بُرونِ کارگه بی قیمتی است

creative workshop of Truth like nothingness

so outside of the workshop lies unworthiness



or let’s call it “Global Warming”. Why? Because it makes it difficult to talk about it. Now before you get all charged up, let me tell you that I’m just discussing the terminology here. Why is it so bad? It distracts everyone from the real environmental issues. You see, temperature, warm, cold, chill, freezing… is all relative. Relative to other temperature, as well as being relative for the sense receptors us. It seems man is the center of the universe, as usual.. You want to discuss the temperature? Go ahead. See how it turns out. Tamper with AC level. Or even better try to have discussion about it.  Do you like to be jerk? So here’s one you: Ask someone if the temperature is uncomfortable. This becomes a political questions. If they are smart, they will just ignore the question saying “I’m fine.” But when it comes to environment and when we know we should be talking about a lot of things don’t you see what a bad way this is to go about it?  So we are given the wrong tools. “Global Warming” was not a good way (at all) to describe the global climate unfolding right now.