definition of the word curate as presented in google with all the phonetic accents.

the entirety argument

The entirety argument states that there is got to be more more to it than this. This is not everything that there is to it. What's more, is something that is not, by definition. When we say it is not, that is to say it is not "here" and not that it is not in existence. But where is it, then? The entirety argument concludes that it "is" and surely there is more to it than this and that this is not all that there is to it.

Initial html code of a digital gallery website. The instruction appears to be color-coded but it's painted with random colors.


1: Support, sustain and secure a project: There was no one to backup the project. 2: In computing it means copying it before messing up the code: I didn't make any backups before playing around with my site last night. 3. A way of learning the importance of backup: Seriously man!! Don't forget to install that backup program.


budda face and the magnificent foot extended due to vertical rolling

the truth, the whole truth

"and nothing but the truth" seems redundant and unnecessarily distracting. Obviously there is such a thing as "the truth", or we wouldn't be talking about it, and "the whole truth" elegantly addresses the issue of incomplete truth..

I guess "nothing but the truth" means don't waste my time with this c%@#!

rugged fingers hold a stripped micro-usb cable

oh the pins we weave

A micro-usb cable has 5 pins. One is unused. You can connect two of them to make a factoryboot cable, which powers the device and enables you to flash your device. This means replacing the OS on the ROM (read only memory) with an open version of android and revive a bricked device.

micro-usb cable exposed, revealing the pins

If you understood what I just said, we should definitely hang around.

micro-usb interior pin 1 shortwired to pin 4 supplying the device with power  the tip of