air mail envelop sticking out of the books

I waited, and I waited

and I waited.

It had arrived. I examine the envelope but did not open it. Later that day, I took a peek, a small look inside; The scent rushes out, and brings memories. The bulk consists of photos. And the stamp is so exotic. The handwriting is from a different world.

The next days I would contemplate the essence of it. What constitutes a good message, is it still a message if it’s not read, etc.

I need a letter-opener. This package should be regarded properly, and the desk ought to be prepared. It would have been nice to have Alfred, bring in the letter, in one of those trays, and I would be pulling weeds in the garden … now I’m digressing.
— and my life has to be ready. I’ll read it on the plane.
I will not dissect the letter, but structurally speaking, it is documentary of feeling and events. It employs sketches of the motifs in the margins..

definition of the word curate as presented in google with all the phonetic accents.

the entirety argument

The entirety argument states that there is got to be more more to it than this. This is not everything that there is to it. What's more, is something that is not, by definition. When we say it is not, that is to say it is not "here" and not that it is not in existence. But where is it, then? The entirety argument concludes that it "is" and surely there is more to it than this and that this is not all that there is to it.