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when i don’t want to label things, feelings, and people…

she kept repeating those words

as if she were trying to protect them, being able to hold fewer things every step, and in a moment’s notice decided to let go of one more thing and with a loving expression waved goodbye. Watching her disappear into the night with her long steps, I lost many words and the image of walking into oblivion hunted me forever.


the two colors I see when closing my eyes, were this greenish low and this dimmed orange which are layed here as rectanglesI close my eyes. The are only two colors laying horizontally: A pale green, and bleached amber. These colors evolved into many overlapping bokeh that I eventually call glitters. They are surprisingly irregular with soft edges. I decide to make every glitter a composite of two translucent circles that don’t completely overlap and assign each with a random color. Each glit is an object of class glitter with different transparency and magnitude. I get the code wrong, but the result is more interesting as the masses of shapes concentrate and blend to as if forming letters and symbols. Different iterations and experiments with color:

Miosis (or myosis, from Ancient Greek μύειν, mūein, “to close the eyes“) is a term with various definitions, which generally include constriction of the pupil.

from wikipedia encyclopedia

the shape was perhaps inspired by ...
perhaps the shape is inspired by another project

I try closing my eyes. On the horizon there are many glits. They flow like the traffic, blink like a light house, and fade like a star. Some overlap and create new shape, while others fade in motion to reveal a new formation. I want to keep them forever.

a vision about light

is to feel the eyes

every light beam, lending to each eye,

two sides, two hands, and legs, everything in pairs


making and breaking
nominating and dominating
flowing and glowing

Rumi’s Workshop of Truth

باز گرد از هست، سوی نیستی

طالب رَبّی و ربّانیستی

return from the thing to Nothingness

in search for God and Godness-ness

جای دخل است این عدم از وَی مَرَم

جای خرج است این وجودِ بیش و کم

it is pure income this nothingness، don’t avoid it

for this existence  more or less is expenditure

کارگاه صنع حق، چون نیستی است

پس بُرونِ کارگه بی قیمتی است

creative workshop of Truth like nothingness

so outside of the workshop lies unworthiness



or let’s call it “Global Warming”. Why? Because it makes it difficult to talk about it. Now before you get all charged up, let me tell you that I’m just discussing the terminology here. Why is it so bad? It distracts everyone from the real environmental issues. You see, temperature, warm, cold, chill, freezing… is all relative. Relative to other temperature, as well as being relative for the sense receptors us. It seems man is the center of the universe, as usual.. You want to discuss the temperature? Go ahead. See how it turns out. Tamper with AC level. Or even better try to have discussion about it.  Do you like to be jerk? So here’s one you: Ask someone if the temperature is uncomfortable. This becomes a political questions. If they are smart, they will just ignore the question saying “I’m fine.” But when it comes to environment and when we know we should be talking about a lot of things don’t you see what a bad way this is to go about it?  So we are given the wrong tools. “Global Warming” was not a good way (at all) to describe the global climate unfolding right now.

I waited, and I waited

and I waited.

It had arrived. I examine the envelope but did not open it. Later that day, I took a peek, a small look inside; The scent rushes out, and brings memories. The bulk consists of photos. And the stamp is so exotic. The handwriting is from a different world.

The next days I would contemplate the essence of it. What constitutes a good message, is it still a message if it’s not read, etc.

I need a letter-opener. This package should be regarded properly, and the desk ought to be prepared. It would have been nice to have Alfred, bring in the letter, in one of those trays, and I would be pulling weeds in the garden … now I’m digressing.
— and my life has to be ready. I’ll read it on the plane.
I will not dissect the letter, but structurally speaking, it is documentary of feeling and events. It employs sketches of the motifs in the margins..