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when i don’t want to label things, feelings, and people…

this is Babylon

the end of a bad trip

void in the letter

article articulation


1: Support, sustain and secure a project: There was no one to backup the project. 2: In computing it means copying it before messing up the code: I didn't make any backups before playing around with my site last night. 3. A way of learning the importance of backup: Seriously man!! Don't forget to install that backup program.


the truth, the whole truth

"and nothing but the truth" seems redundant and unnecessarily distracting. Obviously there is such a thing as "the truth", or we wouldn't be talking about it, and "the whole truth" elegantly addresses the issue of incomplete truth..

I guess "nothing but the truth" means don't waste my time with this c%@#!

harmony is embeded in your soul

I’m sorry

I couldn't find you

and where i go you know,

and the way you know.

John 14, 4

from an environmental viewpoint

It is quite noteworthy that Noah would care for all the animals, not just the livestock, neither just the favored animals, (to exclude serpents, crows, …) but "every" beast.


تازه سازی


objects of significance

meaningful signals
simple truths


the reminiscence of forgotten past


over the edge looking at a great formation, I was overcome with a primal sense of understanding. It wasn’t tragic, though sad, but a profound feeling that closed in; and made me like a fool for having ever felt otherwise.

where do the dishes go?

Now that‘s a good question.

شاید این سیب گندیده

(this rotten apple)

we become

what we claim not to be.

تشبیه و تنزیه

qualify and nullify

it’s the experience of anticipation of knowing what’s about to come before happening and following through just the way expected, with the submergence cause and effect into a unified agency that’s balancing the before and restating the present.

رفاقت و صداقت

amity and honesty

ignoble and noble

lake of memories

now wait for the chips to fall

where they may


almonds dream

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