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My siblings are completely polarized (and i consider myself in the center (-_-). One example is how they communicate to me on the phone. One of them keeps talking and doesn’t listen at all while the other one doesn’t talk at all. I never get a chance to describe my position with the first one while I get a chance to try some of my standup routines and postulate theories of human nature, not to mention reiterating latest discoveries and observation …

dogs and guns

You notice how respected dogs are in the popular culture? How about human life, or human moments compared to that. You can easily kill people in the movies specially if the “bad” guys it doesn’t matter. In video games corpses disappear. How convenient both memory and shoving light on the fact that you have allowed the player to create massacre. Also torture… well lets call it interrogation of human beings. But can you imagine someone kicking a dog? And I don’t mean the kind dog that helps a disabled across the street or being hugged by a toddler; a kind of dreadful and ugly that’s showing its ugly teeth and is a barrier to the commando on the film. What does he do? He puts them to sleep by using a special weapon he has just for dogs. And he makes sure he tells the audience that it’s temporary in case they missed out he didn’t kill the dogs. Could he actually use the same shots for his human counterparts that puts them to sleep during the mission so that afterwards they could visit their family?

I wanted the unknown

the challenge in the political spectrum (what a person feel the world should be like) is whether to measure the world what one decides to accept and abide by what has been known vs. those who wish to dismiss the experience and search to make it anew. reflecting on the past I can see that I was definitely from the latter…


Truth Lies

It is a recent discussion I had with a wonderful audience.. that I brought the topic that in many cases present reality is a lie we believed in before. That it took someone to believe the lie. And that it seemed that a certain idea that is not true yet is not a lie in a common sense of distorting the truth. That Truth (with capital T!) has given everything a potential and they may not actually be able or have the opportunities to become actual yet it is not a slippery slope argument to see and treat them as what they don’t seem to be. That in spite of the truth being something wonderfully unknown (which this theory is promoting) that we can see the best in it. So in the truth lies in different truth. The lie is a truth that is unseemly and waiting be pointed out by artists and delivered by visionaries. A new truth is not a lie.  So what seems contradictory to the truth lies in the truth in so many ways we are not ready to accept and understand. And that’s very close to a good definition for art I can provide.


The greatest trick played. The illusion that things can be a certain way effectively blinding a person to their surrounding. Perfect contains within it the idea of the impossible. Only a good motivation in communication, essentially the idea that ordinary is unacceptable. Surprisingly the word sustains and survives its own meaning.

Bachelor of B.S.

Who says people are not educated. In fact there are many more:

  • Associates of Scheming (Just gain someone’s trust by calling yourself “friend”. Then use the information like tabloid to destroy the friend. Friendship basically means mutual interest)
  • Master of Promiscuity (She will have slept with your brother too before you know he is back in town.)
  • Doctor of Bigotry (he thinks he knows it all… he wants to preach you and show you the way…)
  • Stingy in Residency (so many neighbors that specialize in this. They also probe into your life whenever they can)
  • Foul Arts (dark, depressing, disrespectful and restrictive but “liberating” in its extravagant use of sex and pain. The more psychotic the merrier. Yes it’s got technique but the message is pure disappointment. If it’s not weird perverted paintings, then it is death poetry ((which is essentially suicide poetry when someone hands it to you))… Don’t you hate it all?)
  • Misinformation Management (so many lies… so many lies… that you do not want to ask anymore person what happened. If everyone has their own truth… then it becomes a game. Sherlock will never come about in this kind of circumstances.)
  • Sabotage Science (You can name it. Whether it is a business, proposal, new idea, classroom, or just work. They are creative in finding ways to sabotage the whole thing. Others just watch the sabotage take place, or might even promoting it and taking part in it — it feels empowering).
  • Usury Therapy (where they are happy going to the bank — sometimes they borrow money for the month and incur more debt to keep their account intact).
  • Falsehood Management (something like recycling)
  • B.S. Harmony (where people come to appreciate their B.S and tell you about their worldviews… and everyone else)
  • Environmental Indifference (raise the volume the car’s stereo, talk on the cell behind the wheel and throw the trash while you are it. More importantly be mute to all the wonderful things around you.)
  • Profanity Education (words with negative connotation. Lets just say that they are the opposite of poetry. What is sad is that these words are charged in ways to carry a new different meaning. Many double major in this and Foul Arts…)
  • Master of BullS#!* Administration (words mean nothing… what people say is not binding in anyway.. but the administration part is filtering the words, the information that can be used either as bluff (more b.s.) or as tool).
  • intervene operation. Prevent people from meeting.