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two months later…

if you are late…

if you are late, shoot yourself.

you are killing me softly

with this song

on a supposedly dropped cell phone reception

/*_*\  It was better if I called your landline… I can’t hear you

{-_-} I can hear you just fine. In fact I can hear you better than my conscience.


going back

“Reporting for Duty Sir. It’s great to have to back Sir!.”

fairies and berries

fallen wings

monstrous protrusions

and the tree of desire

knowing my place in the world

Gradually my focus shifted from the insignificant I to the world around. Realizing I belong to a much larger world, surrounded by types and archetypes, modes and modules, strains and systems… and everything else that was connected. The direction of it all. Whether it would be made by chance, or providence … if things would connect then everything would be possible.

if this angel is not emancipating, it might be a dying demon

This is not a challenge… this is a proclamation:

This story is about freedom.

I’m not sure about the future

I’m not sure about the future

But i’m quite ok now.



G of D


.         .

.                 .

you will be ok

the 50 year old little girl

really…  grow up!

let me tell you something about your father

on the run

On The Run, is a name of a gass station in Munchen. The logo design is a little too flowery, but when going there, I imagined a stick-figure (representing me), on the run! Why would I run to a bass station? You don’t want to know … If I had designed the logo, it would be completely different.

Looking down from the from window to the gass station… I could see myself, on the run!

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