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useful items not just in strategy games … but stories. Sometimes they could hold significant symbolic meaning.

my words

I don’t particularly care for the context of words … nor do I want to know about their history. I have to admit that I like to discover their origin, but that’s it; I mainly try to forget how I learned them. I’m not interested in how they they adapted. I like my words in vacuum. My favorite words have no context.

My words are orphan. These words don’t like to associate much with others. The words I like most are snobs. They avoid hanging out with other commonly used terms. I like them unique and unusual. I like them word ugly. I like Oooos and hshloose and things that come before’m. I like them segmented. I like them composite, when they’ve paired with another word, yet haven’t been affected by the union. I like them with spaces. Those terms that are silent…I like m best when don’t have meaning. I like them to tickle.

I also like them phrases that are understood the same way by people I like. That way I can use them around. I like people that are flexible with words. They bend them and twist them and make fun of them.

Words that convey a message but have no meaning. Words without intention or demand. They don’t give anything but don’t take anything away either. They are happy to exist, though unhappy to coexist. They don’t shoot for the masses. They only go for one. O. They stick. They are meant for one instance. This words have expiration date. What remains after is an empty shell.

The words cannot be pronounced incorrectly. In fact they are born whey they are uttered. They get meaning when they are repeated. They die afterwards.