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moments, scenes, ideas and collection of things that can be packaged and repackaged. They do include images so If you like to see them finished let me know.

pure expectations

all you comments

are belong to us.

you don’t wana see this

this is too ugly

why is it

that when I want to say yes it appears like a no.


polygomy is more desirable than monogomy, but agomy is bestest.


Eat this.



one thing and dis-remember everything else.

start art


art as a way towards redemption

art a a escape

art as an idea

art as action

art as a means to and art as an ends for the sake of art

why make it

when u can break it?

د : ی

world wide web

And thereby, the man created the blog in his own image. Thus he separated Slug from URL. And so the word was world wide web.

if you are late…

if you are late, shoot yourself.

the world shys away from your beauty


eradicate me.

in the buddhist sense.


if it’s toxic you can count me in

I like to remember


I like to drink tea without sugar-cube, coffee without sugar, and life with sweetness. I like to appreciate all the bitterness in the world.

I have to admit that’s not from me. It’s from a friend of a friend, who I have not yet met.


my life is a rehearsal for the moment we meet


different is different and different is good

don’t be a learning lesson — be a learning experience.

I do not want to be sucked into your world

it is too complicated.

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