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the two colors I see when closing my eyes, were this greenish low and this dimmed orange which are layed here as rectanglesColors evolve into many overlapping circles that abstract objects. The light forms with irregular chemical interaction going about. I can visually represent by writing in code and see how far I can get away with moving them about.

The light forms represented in a computer program are objects with certain properties (diameter, location, speed..). While the light forms have different properties, they are share the same class. The overlap of the light forms creates more forms. I write the code; the result is more interesting as the masses of shapes concentrate and blend to as if forming letters and symbols. Different iterations and experiments with color:

Miosis (or myosis, from Ancient Greek μύειν, mūein, “to close the eyes“) is a term with various definitions, which generally include constriction of the pupil.

from wikipedia encyclopedia

the shape was perhaps inspired by ...
perhaps the shape is inspired by another project

I try closing my eyes. On the horizon there are many glits. They flow like the traffic, blink like a light house, and fade like a star. Some overlap and create new shape, while others fade in motion to reveal a new formation. I want to keep them forever.

a vision about light

is to feel the eyes

every light beam, lending to each eye,

two sides, two hands, and legs, everything in pairs


making and breaking
nominating and dominating
flowing and glowing


Fish flow is code art that explores evolution of a feeling. At a good state and right frameworks, random can have powerful meaning. The powerful effect can entirely emerge, without losing harmony and the state of the good can carry through the dichotomy of chaos and order without losing purity.

The visual code art was created by yours truly. It was edited (again) with a soundtrack by johnny_ripper. This video is free to remix and redistribute under creative commons share-alike license, as long as you attribute sources (johnny and i).

Digital Storytelling

Joseph’s story is about perception. Joseph will make and break his perception of himself and his highschool. A rough draft was prepared (of course like a typical digital story) however instead of finding suitable images, we shot the narrator and asked him to play his part. Narrator questioning everything live and to the camera is an empowering tool that augments power of voice. The camera has become a tool for story-coaching. That the screening event for the school community took place in the same auditorium Joseph is enacting his character is only ironic ( as what he refers to as “the stage of clowns of fools”). This video reminds us of the schools hierarchy. This resonated well with my colleague Adam Schatten of Home Inc. calling the videography Cinéma vérité. We celebrated the 15 minutes of uninterrupted raw footage as complete and decided to edit the search of the camera for the story. However Joseph questioned many things in the school system (and at the request of the principal) certain cuts had to be made. A subsequent interview documented the effect of the story (catharsis) on the narrator. Mr. Schatten edited the subsequent shots that reminds many of us how difficult it was back in high school.