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The c= input could easily be in the form of pen. A smart pen with traditional writing capability allowing journaling on any paper while broadcasting and storing the desired data. But it won’t be called iPen..That’s a lame name.

Maybe laPen.

impression expressions

process oriented design

Design by process is a synthesis of internal and external restraints along with subsequent revisions. By adopting such a view man[art]agency takes into design consideration every event that follows (that might be overlooked as trivial or accidental). Process-based design is a study of awareness and perception as well as experience and events. We believe this is the best creative approach to design problems that can lead to effective and engaging result, every time.


profile/sand glass but it may look like conversation as well which is much cooler


I was a purist
just texts …
even banned exclamation marks!
And look a me now *<:o)
I use smilies in a written interviews
might even use them in the course syllabus