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room in the elephant

The essential response to the existential challenge is to accept the grand scheme as dictated by necessity and destiny and whatuwecallit..

you can’t design an icon from scratch

series of lines sketching in black over crimson and brown painting that has been partitioned into rectangular parts,with underlying whole vividly showing in between.



The c= input could easily be in the form of pen. A smart pen with traditional writing capability allowing journaling on any paper while broadcasting and storing the desired data. But it won’t be called iPen..That’s a lame name.

Maybe laPen.


he joined by ART inside a heart followed by man gall + ery = heARTmanGALLery


booking books



state in between

a portrait is divided into rectangular pieces; with one large piece on the top which seems to be the head and series of smaller facial rectangles evenly arranged on the bottom


purple circle with three words centered: iShowUp. I is the biggest word and show and up gradually raise to reach to same length as the dot of the i.

sin + g = sing

fala la la la.. lala la la!

art soup

this is not gonna be another food blog


masses of flowing lines in blues and greens, with traces of a disgruntled face and big luscious eyes AND a slanted nose-line


she looks right back and I see that it is myself I'm looking at


the irreducible other

titillating and tantalizing

a single line scrawls around forming stronger circuar patterns and it gathers in the center like a pearl. contenctration of masses on the sides resembles a faces.

impression expressions

a string in motion

floats in the wind

catches glimpse of the sun

and crosses the moonlight

before falling into the river


the two colors I see when closing my eyes, were this greenish low and this dimmed orange which are layed here as rectanglesI close my eyes. The are only two colors laying horizontally: A pale green, and bleached amber. These colors evolved into many overlapping bokeh that I eventually call glitters. Glitters have surprisingly irregular surface and the edges are not quite smooth. I decide based on a vision (literally) to make every glitter a composite of two translucent circles that don’t completely overlap. Furthermore each circle could have a different color. I get the code wrong, but the result is more interesting than the effect I’m going for. the masses of glits concentrate as if forming letters and symbols. Different iterations and experiments with color I am able to overcome the distraction.

Miosis (or myosis, from Ancient Greek μύειν, mūein, “to close the eyes“) is a term with various definitions, which generally include constriction of the pupil.

from wikipedia encyclopedia

the shape was perhaps inspired by ...

perhaps the shape is inspired by another project

I try closing my eyes. On the horizon there are many glits. They flow like the traffic, blink like a light house, and fade like a star. Some overlap and create new shape, while others fade in motion to reveal a new formation. I want to keep them forever.

a vision about light

is to feel the eyes

every light beam, lending to each eye,

two sides, two hands, and legs, everything in pairs


making and breaking
nominating and dominating
flowing and glowing

180 seconds of silence











to squint the eyes / see the lights / feel the eyes

ellipses arranged randomly on the screen. no symetry this time. but the edges are refined because each dot is overlapp of two transparent shapes paired side by side.

every light beam, lending to each eye, two sides, two hands, and legs

everything in pairs


glitters now spread through out the page in different size and colors. Few ellipses are so massive that on a dark background it looks like image taken from space.


process oriented design

Design by process is a synthesis of internal and external restraints along with subsequent revisions. By adopting such a view man[art]agency takes into design consideration every event that follows (that might be overlooked as trivial or accidental). Process-based design is a study of awareness and perception as well as experience and events. We believe this is the best creative approach to design problems that can lead to effective and engaging result, every time.


Fish flow is code art that explores evolution of a feeling. At a good state and right frameworks, random can have powerful meaning. The powerful effect can entirely emerge, without losing harmony and the state of the good can carry through the dichotomy of chaos and order without losing purity.

The visual code art was created by yours truly. It was edited (again) with a soundtrack by johnny_ripper. This video is free to remix and redistribute under creative commons share-alike license, as long as you attribute sources (johnny and i).

twirling tinkers

I was exprimenting with NodeBox the other day, a visual programing language and I found very interesting interactive features. The soundtrack is from johnny_ripper and the video is free under creative commons license.


The object was intangible. So was the subject. As the lines grew so did distraction and the fear of losing the subject: Representative objects tend to become symbolic. The rhythm was important. So was the intentionality. The patterns and motifs had movement. The geometric symbols became more subtle and soon embraced. The leaves and flowers became the best symbols for the subject. Vegetative life grows yet appears fixed. I was happy with my first attempts… the subject reflected the object and the cold-calm scaffolding and the warm-wacky feelings, reminded me of the reason I started this project.

copies of the same rose arranged in a linear fashion. The quality is pixelated and as a progression towards red and further pixelation.


._.  (check)

.s.  (social)

.-.  (slide)

.>.  (directional)

.y.  (logical)

.g.  (glide)

.k.  (physical)

.m.  (modal)

.h.  (situational)

.i.  (incremental)

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