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Headshot photos taken on location and the setting add more to your story. The colors and vivid shapes are reflected everywhere and emotionally and subliminally impact the content. Of course a studio provide a more controlled environment for lighting, however in open space can be a lot more exciting and lively. These are photos you can use on your social sites and business cards and need to create the maximum impact. Impress others with your image.

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the two colors I see when closing my eyes, were this greenish low and this dimmed orange which are layed here as rectanglesI close my eyes. The are only two colors laying horizontally: A pale green, and bleached amber. These colors evolved into many overlapping bokeh that I eventually call glitters. They are surprisingly irregular with soft edges. I decide to make every glitter a composite of two translucent circles that don’t completely overlap and assign each with a random color. Each glit is an object of class glitter with different transparency and magnitude. I get the code wrong, but the result is more interesting as the masses of shapes concentrate and blend to as if forming letters and symbols. Different iterations and experiments with color:

Miosis (or myosis, from Ancient Greek μύειν, mūein, “to close the eyes“) is a term with various definitions, which generally include constriction of the pupil.

from wikipedia encyclopedia

the shape was perhaps inspired by ...
perhaps the shape is inspired by another project

I try closing my eyes. On the horizon there are many glits. They flow like the traffic, blink like a light house, and fade like a star. Some overlap and create new shape, while others fade in motion to reveal a new formation. I want to keep them forever.

a vision about light

is to feel the eyes

every light beam, lending to each eye,

two sides, two hands, and legs, everything in pairs


making and breaking
nominating and dominating
flowing and glowing