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meaning is direction

attraction attention destination

miracle and lyrical

manner vs matter

you sad sad man

who get orders from another sad sad man
you sad sad men
with your sad sad thoughts
and your sad sad lives
you sad sad men
do not suppose you can impose
your sad sad ideas on my ideals.


one thing and dis-remember everything else.

cunning character

I was driving and telling stories. We were making so many wrong turns in the busy streets… and I must have said something enticing… for he let a squeal:

deimmmm fekaaaaaaaAh….

and I know right then how much I hated him.

Fairies and the King

Once upon a time in a beautiful forest, lived beautiful fairies. They used to play around the trees, swing on the branches and play hide and seek. As the forest grew so did their magical powers!

Then one day the ass.king descended on the forest. The king was closed shaven but he still looked like an ass. He also was a smart ass. He demanded the fairies to cut down the forest. He explained to them how nice it was without them. Little fairies tried to reason with the king how much they loved the forest. But the king would not accept any explanation and began criticizing them even more for it. He made fun of their wings too. The smart ass king also showed his back to them with pride: “Look at my back,” he said, “It is so much better not to have wings.” He also added: “You should shave too.”

Fairies were not convinced. But so just to quite the king they came up with a solution. They would cut down the forest and apply something like aftershave afterwards.

They cut the trees as close as possible and covered it with leaves. They also shaved their magical beards.That night they slept on the ground.

The next morning they woke up and guess what?? They had also cut their own fairy wings and now had no magical powers. They also had lost their memory. From that point on they worked hard to keep the forest from growing.

The End.

going back

“Reporting for Duty Sir. It’s great to have to back Sir!.”

I want to grow old with you

I want to see the world through your eyes

I want to be in your world


I want penetrate your soul

I want to get into your head

I want to go through your note-book

discover the sketches, places and feelings.


I want to see those places, you were without me

with you.


I want you to know that I still have your letters

though I don’t seem to find it.


That your vision is a painting, your movement is poetry, your life is a book. You exemplify life.

After all this time … experienced life I realized what I wanted.

I wanted to be with you.


spaced out.

zoom out ticket and passport. echo airport flight cast.

flight receptionist: “have a safe flight.”.

Ext. Hungary Internation Airport: Air plain flying off

[Cut to]

He is packing. stressed. There is a letter. Pictures. There is a phone. He is trying to get the essentials but the room is a mess.

Zoom to photo and part of letters: I love you and miss you. Here are the picture we took together.

INT. Hungary international airport

if this angel is not emancipating, it might be a dying demon

I’m not sure about the future

I’m not sure about the future

But i’m quite ok now.



G of D


.         .

.                 .

you will be ok

brace yourselves

and then I told her (in English): Fasten your seat-belts and brace yourselves ladies, as you are about to hit the best gallery in the galaxy! And she responds to the message (in English of course): “Okay we will see but lady and gentleman!” followed by another message, “The Address?”

Slogan for manARTgallery: the best gallery in the galaxy!

the distinction

Santa Claus! Not a Jihadi!

Batman not Terrorman

This new Batman movies are so stupid. They really don’t get it. Batman is not supposed to be dark… it’s supposed to be funny. I recall a cartoon in which Batman is opening presents from Catwoman, Penquine and Joker — with his hand-gloves in a protective glass-shield. Imagine the Mailman (possibly another hero) at the door. “Coming” says batman. “you have a delivery from from Joker to 12th ave … for Batman.” Beside gass poison and explosive Batman decide to accept the cat-present from Catwoman. Batman is taking the cat on his batmobile along with Robin. But then they realize Catwoman is tracing their everymove! Batman quickly discovers — (after repeated mewing) inside the collar of the cat there is a tracker! Seriously terror fits nowhere in this picture!


day dreaming at night

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