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Philosophy and all the things that we know we should talk about and we know how to talk about… while knowing essentially we don’t know what we are talking about — and we acknowledge that too.

the entirety argument

The entirety argument states that there is got to be more more to it than this. This is not everything that there is to it. What's more, is something that is not, by definition. When we say it is not, that is to say it is not "here" and not that it is not in existence. But where is it, then? The entirety argument concludes that it "is" and surely there is more to it than this and that this is not all that there is to it.

traces of twriling tinkers

place the procedure in the context of your life.

collect and archive various categories.

develop faculties in charge of nature.

disremember the negatives,


excuse. exert. examine. eliminate.

encapsulate expectations.

you see the twirling patterns? do you hear the rhythmic motions?

the nomadic creatures fly from place to place.

drinking tea with the mountain shepherds.

offering solutions and adjustment.

trading objects and stories.

before catching the next wind…