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While memories, feelings, reaction often contain particular people, this platform is never a one-to-one communication device. Please rest assured that the posts in this category is not directed at you, and if you feel that they (definitely) are, then rest assured that you are my audience.

what facebook and elevators do not have in common

There are interesting and unexpected ways to meet new people. unLike those who try to connect via Facebook. What’s more interesting is that many people in this region utilize Facebook like Twitter. Instead of creating more or less exclusive network they are broadcasting like Twitter Many distinguished institutions and groups have adopted a person page where they become friends with their subscribers. I do not mind meeting people in any particular venues… but I like elevator most. The environment lacks any particular stimulus which is the opposite of social sites. Attention is to the number display, the door, and the mechanical movement of the cabin. If there are other passengers there is an additional focus to the position and placement of bodies in the closed space. It is like a sensory deprivation chamber. One of the first Philosopher to propose a chamber that eliminates all physical stimulus was Avicenna. He argued that in such situation (lack of body) a certain awareness continues to persist. Elevator brings us back to our primordial forms. who we are, displaced between heaven and earth. Elevators remind us that we have nothing to say. Nothing relevant at least.

Meet me in an elevator. Meet me when I look awful. When I’m taking out the trash. When I drive poorly. When I’m carrying something heavy or going through the doorway when I’m trying to get through. Meet me in some art gallery. But please, do not meet me on Facebook. It was not designed for that; I was not designed for that.

Fairies and the King

Once upon a time in a beautiful forest, lived beautiful fairies. They used to play around the trees, swing on the branches and play hide and seek. As the forest grew so did their magical powers!

Then one day the ass.king descended on the forest. The king was closed shaven but he still looked like an ass. He also was a smart ass. He demanded the fairies to cut down the forest. He explained to them how nice it was without them. Little fairies tried to reason with the king how much they loved the forest. But the king would not accept any explanation and began criticizing them even more for it. He made fun of their wings too. The smart ass king also showed his back to them with pride: “Look at my back,” he said, “It is so much better not to have wings.” He also added: “You should shave too.”

Fairies were not convinced. But so just to quite the king they came up with a solution. They would cut down the forest and apply something like aftershave afterwards.

They cut the trees as close as possible and covered it with leaves. They also shaved their magical beards.That night they slept on the ground.

The next morning they woke up and guess what?? They had also cut their own fairy wings and now had no magical powers. They also had lost their memory. From that point on they worked hard to keep the forest from growing.

The End.

thy lot

how sad and miserable thy lot

though you seem confident and certain

that you know best…

and you throw your trash in my lot expect me to clean up

and you think this will improve your lot

I shall clean my lot with a smile

because I have seen thy sad and miserable lot.

Bachelor of B.S.

Who says people are not educated. In fact there are many more:

  • Associates of Scheming (Just gain someone’s trust by calling yourself “friend”. Then use the information like tabloid to destroy the friend. Friendship basically means mutual interest)
  • Master of Promiscuity (She will have slept with your brother too before you know he is back in town.)
  • Doctor of Bigotry (he thinks he knows it all… he wants to preach you and show you the way…)
  • Stingy in Residency (so many neighbors that specialize in this. They also probe into your life whenever they can)
  • Foul Arts (dark, depressing, disrespectful and restrictive but “liberating” in its extravagant use of sex and pain. The more psychotic the merrier. Yes it’s got technique but the message is pure disappointment. If it’s not weird perverted paintings, then it is death poetry ((which is essentially suicide poetry when someone hands it to you))… Don’t you hate it all?)
  • Misinformation Management (so many lies… so many lies… that you do not want to ask anymore person what happened. If everyone has their own truth… then it becomes a game. Sherlock will never come about in this kind of circumstances.)
  • Sabotage Science (You can name it. Whether it is a business, proposal, new idea, classroom, or just work. They are creative in finding ways to sabotage the whole thing. Others just watch the sabotage take place, or might even promoting it and taking part in it — it feels empowering).
  • Usury Therapy (where they are happy going to the bank — sometimes they borrow money for the month and incur more debt to keep their account intact).
  • Falsehood Management (something like recycling)
  • B.S. Harmony (where people come to appreciate their B.S and tell you about their worldviews… and everyone else)
  • Environmental Indifference (raise the volume the car’s stereo, talk on the cell behind the wheel and throw the trash while you are it. More importantly be mute to all the wonderful things around you.)
  • Profanity Education (words with negative connotation. Lets just say that they are the opposite of poetry. What is sad is that these words are charged in ways to carry a new different meaning. Many double major in this and Foul Arts…)
  • Master of BullS#!* Administration (words mean nothing… what people say is not binding in anyway.. but the administration part is filtering the words, the information that can be used either as bluff (more b.s.) or as tool).
  • intervene operation. Prevent people from meeting.

I want to grow old with you

I want to see the world through your eyes

I want to be in your world


I want penetrate your soul

I want to get into your head

I want to go through your note-book

discover the sketches, places and feelings.


I want to see those places, you were without me

with you.


I want you to know that I still have your letters

though I don’t seem to find it.


That your vision is a painting, your movement is poetry, your life is a book. You exemplify life.

After all this time … experienced life I realized what I wanted.

I wanted to be with you.

you are the virus

Its hard to emphasize this: You are the virus. You are the one who wrote the code. Your mind produced a worm…

Basically a few months back viruses hit my sites… (please don’t be scared I’ve protected my codes in so many ways ((and please don’t take that as a challenge to hack this site)) and basically had to wipe out everything and add the content. And as the internet company perhaps was unable to deal with this asked me to take care of the virus problem or face termination (which was in their contract). I know that I owe it to myself to do something about this. What I would like to do is to report the site instead of malware. I like to announce that the site his site bellow (don’t click on it) and for your safety I will remove it as link so that his dirty little code can’t access it here.

My site forwards to http:// seo – tech . org

I’m not blaming this person for everything that happened to my sites few months back and definitely not blaming it for my childhood either. But it has become a problem with mylife and though its threat is not serious, it has caused Google master tools to take it seriously and drive away the potential traffic.

It was you! It was you! It was you…