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he joined by ART inside a heart followed by man gall + ery = heARTmanGALLery


موسیقی متن

ما در جستجویی آهنگ مناسب برای یک ویدیو هنری هستیم. در صورت امکان نمونه آثار خود را، همراه با رزومه و هر گونه اطلاعات دیگر به ما ارسال کنید.



render unto MAN the things which are MAN’s

and to processor those things which can be processed by the processor.

may your struggle become universal

connect the dots


we need a language. we need a vocabulary of art.

highway crossing

a man intervenes the traffic flow

when crossing the highway

stepping back as the cars become frantic


he turns his box as he smiles to them

a plastic twirls

then runs for it

skipping the advancing cars


The passengers don’t know what to make of

the man who seems happy



The kitchen needs to be larger. A lot larger. It should have many cabinets for storage.  It should include the workplace. in fact the executive chair should be able to reach various compartment, including the fridge and the stove. I don’t care what the designers say — the synch (and the dishwasher) should be right next to the stove.

The very first iteration of the gallery space had an open kitchen, which the ministry opposed. It made perfect sense back and still does. The coffee aroma needs to brings things in motion and the counter is perfect place for meeting the constituents. Gifts needs to be edible. People should share their food. The balcony needs to be directly adjacent. It allows the natural light to fill the place and should support green life (vegatables) to sustain fresh salads treatment. Library shelves? Reference books mostly. There is hardly any room to waste. Digital? Absolutely.

I shall draw it up soon.

when you don’t have photoshop

interesting things can happen.

Art Call Out: Binded and Bound

And ironically the name of this art call out is: Binded and Bound (قید و بند).

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