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Category: it.

not IT or interactive, but simply it. as in “you’re it” and it is quite hard to explain and difficult to arrive at and sometimes impossible to remember.


a variant of absolutely.

a foreign movie

without subtitles hardly makes sense…


how do you pronounce this:



moonwalking ended breaking something which was I fixed but with a wrong glue. I had to be responsible so I told.


one thing and dis-remember everything else.

whithin the friction of my soul

lies a poem


don’t you appreciate how the well-meaning good-intentioned grover can try hard to communicate something? who’s the opposite … big bird and elmo. I hate how annoying they are.

I love doogh

…and recently I discovered that doogh* loves me : }

* doogh is a yogurt drink with of salt and mint

when the song says

It is the rhythm of the night… oh oh…

I can relate to that.

It is when it says

This is the rhythm of my life

that I feel concerned.

so be it


land of the freak

it’s astounding…

and I apologies to the word freak.

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