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everything can essentially be reduced to an idea…

what facebook and elevators do not have in common

There are interesting and unexpected ways to meet new people. unLike those who try to connect via Facebook. What’s more interesting is that many people in this region utilize Facebook like Twitter. Instead of creating more or less exclusive network they are broadcasting like Twitter Many distinguished institutions and groups have adopted a person page where they become friends with their subscribers. I do not mind meeting people in any particular venues… but I like elevator most. The environment lacks any particular stimulus which is the opposite of social sites. Attention is to the number display, the door, and the mechanical movement of the cabin. If there are other passengers there is an additional focus to the position and placement of bodies in the closed space. It is like a sensory deprivation chamber. One of the first Philosopher to propose a chamber that eliminates all physical stimulus was Avicenna. He argued that in such situation (lack of body) a certain awareness continues to persist. Elevator brings us back to our primordial forms. who we are, displaced between heaven and earth. Elevators remind us that we have nothing to say. Nothing relevant at least.

Meet me in an elevator. Meet me when I look awful. When I’m taking out the trash. When I drive poorly. When I’m carrying something heavy or going through the doorway when I’m trying to get through. Meet me in some art gallery. But please, do not meet me on Facebook. It was not designed for that; I was not designed for that.


The school of thought that promotes reducing things down to common forms. Reductionists tend to like ideas like category, essence, form, idea. This school of people oppose productionists.

Productionism: Seeing special, particular, peculiar, and distinguishing features of particulars, peculiars, distinquished and personalized. Productionists see everything differently and try to see things differently. The focus on everything is in a way narrowed to only the immediate and practical and at hand. The school undermines understanding and relation of everything to everything to the relationship of the everything and the individual.


To release a product or service from the bonds of demonetization — the price of something in terms of money.

Now the argument should go like this: We can not do a good job of monetizing at all times therefore we should try to avoid it. The conclusion doesn’t follow exactly but I will try to make the propositions compelling. Or maybe not. It will suffice to say that the market value of something does not reveal much. Every person is a market in themselves and trade goes both ways…


profile/sand glass but it may look like conversation as well which is much cooler


I was a purist
just texts …
even banned exclamation marks!
And look a me now *<:o)
I use smilies in a written interviews
might even use them in the course syllabus