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when you are young and you see the world with all the things that should be, but are not. These are ideals.


It is better to suffer injustice than to be the wrong side.


The great teacher of all time reminds us that two wrongs don’t make right. This statement from Socrates does not aim favor being on either sides of justice. Definitely they are both bad and comparing them is only hairsplitting.

What’s interesting here is that justice is difficult to define — even for the great teachers of all time. In fact Socrates probably avoids defining Justice as he goes on challenging many such notions and definitions (though Plato attributes the rest of The Republic to elaborating Socrates’ ideas). We do not know what justice is (and no it is not equality). And yet we easily recognize  injustice (and the opposite of unjust is necessarily just). So the whole statement seems to reduce to:

Don’t be unjust under any circumstances.

Even if others are unjust, remember that it is not good. Taking injustice as an act we will have:

If injustice is floating around, you can be happy it is not originating from you.

It does not matter whether it is a response or counter-response. If it can be avoided, then it is the best to do without it.


at some point you are gonna look around you, and making sense of all the mess, it seems there is hardly any time left for it. That maybe… if you are more selective in your undertakings with knowledge of yourself you could realize few of your dreams.

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