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don’t be a scientist

there is nothing in it
you can’t get to it
examining is killing it
just let it be.

and how’s that working out for you?

good for you!


._.  (check)

.s.  (social)

.-.  (slide)

.>.  (directional)

.y.  (logical)

.g.  (glide)

.k.  (physical)

.m.  (modal)

.h.  (situational)

.i.  (incremental)

why make it

when u can break it?

د : ی


the-personhood-of-the-thing and the consequent degeneration.

(not to be confused with d-generation)


guide: guyd: Guy:D G:U:Y:D  G:


it is too heavy

the weight of the world…

The next prophet will be born on the web… made up of our collective consciousness, it will change the way we see ourselves.

I don’t like to be an actor

I don’t like to be an actor, because I don’t want to experience the same thing twice.

G is the new O

G is really cool. Starting a trace from the beginning we make a round shape stopping just in time before it reaches itself. O was a disaster. As soon as it became and O it was done… Done in a really strange way too. It becomes like a snake biting its own tale. But G is smarter. G has its methodology too. In the next post I will talk about how “I” and J did too the same thing and how “I” was able to adopt to changes and evolve, while J became traditional…

letter G



the distinction

Santa Claus! Not a Jihadi!

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