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the-fine art of defining things



vision without purpose

purpose without vision


not design but desire

pure tea

-unblend, all sort of aroma and coloring agents and what’s left is tea.


creative = (cre)ation + n(ative)

you’re welcome.


flow: move swiftly on.

don’t stop unless you’re stopped. do use everything in your power to resolve a barrier. keep moving as soon as you get a chance. don’t look back. flow.

philantrope and misanthrope

it is by definition impossible to form a misanthropy club

…but philanthropy clubs are plenty


i’mpossible,… (just letting you know).

we strive

and the striving is far more important than the result, however small the efforts may seem, they shine through and make it all worth the while.


a variant of absolutely.


authority: the sense of authorship.

some movie…

it’s a copy of a copy of a copy: sounds like a good definition of crap. In other words it’s like an illusion of an illusion (rather than illusion of reality). Why do I make myself watch it because I think it will becoming the fabric of our consciousness? Interestingly, this post too become a self-referencing garbage.


test of the best


short for publish.


polygomy is more desirable than monogomy, but agomy is bestest.


one thing and dis-remember everything else.


being in_action, but not reaction.

you see what I’m sayin?


interchange: enter-change; to enter a new course.


exist: egg-xist; to remain unhatched.


the-personhood-of-the-thing and the consequent degeneration.

(not to be confused with d-generation)


appreciate makes a great name for a girl don’t you think?

world wide web

And thereby, the man created the blog in his own image. Thus he separated Slug from URL. And so the word was world wide web.


The school of thought that promotes reducing things down to common forms. Reductionists tend to like ideas like category, essence, form, idea. This school of people oppose productionists.

Productionism: Seeing special, particular, peculiar, and distinguishing features of particulars, peculiars, distinquished and personalized. Productionists see everything differently and try to see things differently. The focus on everything is in a way narrowed to only the immediate and practical and at hand. The school undermines understanding and relation of everything to everything to the relationship of the everything and the individual.

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