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It just seems right to have an Art category (with capital A) and see it above the rest of the categories.


līve in your head: When attitudes become norm

live in your head: When attitudes become form
Harald Szeemann

Give me your tired, your poor art…

Your huddled artists,
yearning to ..

i will erase it

but not today

cultural nomad

کوچگر فرهنگی

we’re all in this “whatever-you-want-to-call-it”


art soup

this is not gonna be another food blog


masses of flowing lines in blues and greens, with traces of a disgruntled face and big luscious eyes AND a slanted nose-line

go for it

red signigure. letters AW... (beginning letters of "awesomeness") before tracing her contours in place


meaning is direction

attraction attention destination

create and curate

each is a window

each is a frame

it has to be beautiful to sell

[Here discuss the definition beauty, and whether or not it matters]

inhibited exhibition

difference architecture

different design

more ways of seeing

whole new range of expereince

this movie I watched last night

in this movie I watched last night, the beginning becomes the end. It is a great writing device to break the chain of events. The different (illogical) order will force the viewer to begin the next levels of engagement: questioning and interpretation. so:

levels of engagement:

watch -> judge -> interpret -> recall -> emblem -> worship

which brings back to the lame movie. which was so lame I don’t wana talk about it.

move by design

moved by design: it can’t go any faster than it was designed for

taste of mulberry

I swear

branches of mulberry tree spread to the right…to life and its labor

mulbery has devine attributesfrom sacred geometry to the divine essence

closer inspection of the branches reveals the berry

for the sustenance from the sustainer

and the providing of the providence

to the creator of the created.

extreme close up of mulberryupon tasting its fruit.

i like it

but i’m biased.

connect the dots


means “for sure”

when you are on a real adventure you don’t take the camera


traces of twriling tinkers

place the procedure in the context of your life.

collect and archive various categories.

develop faculties in charge of nature.

disremember the negatives,


excuse. exert. examine. eliminate.

encapsulate expectations.

you see the twirling patterns? do you hear the rhythmic motions?

the nomadic creatures fly from place to place.

drinking tea with the mountain shepherds.

offering solutions and adjustment.

trading objects and stories.

before catching the next wind…

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