she kept repeating those words

as if she were trying to protect them, being able to hold fewer things every step, and in a moment’s notice decided to let go of one more thing and with a loving expression waved goodbye. Watching her disappear into the night with her long steps, I lost many words and the image of walking into oblivion hunted me forever.

Rumi’s Workshop of Truth

باز گرد از هست، سوی نیستی

طالب رَبّی و ربّانیستی

return from the thing to Nothingness

in search for God and Godness-ness

جای دخل است این عدم از وَی مَرَم

جای خرج است این وجودِ بیش و کم

it is pure income this nothingness، don’t avoid it

for this existence  more or less is expenditure

کارگاه صنع حق، چون نیستی است

پس بُرونِ کارگه بی قیمتی است

creative workshop of Truth like nothingness

so outside of the workshop lies unworthiness