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the entirety argument

The entirety argument states that there is got to be more more to it than this. This is not everything that there is to it. What's more, is something that is not, by definition. When we say it is not, that is to say it is not "here" and not that it is not in existence. But where is it, then? The entirety argument concludes that it "is" and surely there is more to it than this and that this is not all that there is to it.


void in the letter

article articulation


we learn to answer from our parents, but we learn to question from our teachers.

we learn to think …

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voice and choice


room in the elephant

The essential response to the existential challenge is to accept the grand scheme as dictated by necessity and destiny and whatuwecallit..

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happy persian new year 1393

 عید شما مبارک، عید من مبارک، عید همه مبارک…



quotes and commas

", ",



1: Support, sustain and secure a project: There was no one to backup the project. 2: In computing it means copying it before messing up the code: I didn't make any backups before playing around with my site last night. 3. A way of learning the importance of backup: Seriously man!! Don't forget to install that backup program.




a threat to survival


we are the past


the truth, the whole truth

"and nothing but the truth" seems redundant and unnecessarily distracting. Obviously there is such a thing as "the truth", or we wouldn't be talking about it, and "the whole truth" elegantly addresses the issue of incomplete truth..

I guess "nothing but the truth" means don't waste my time with this c%@#!


oh the pins we weave

A micro-usb cable has 5 pins. One is unused. You can connect two of them to make a factoryboot cable, which powers the device and enables you to flash your device. This means replacing the OS on the ROM (read only memory) with an open version of android and revive a bricked device.

micro-usb cable exposed, revealing the pins

If you understood what I just said, we should definitely hang around.

micro-usb interior pin 1 shortwired to pin 4 supplying the device with power  the tip of


harmony is embeded in your soul


what you spend doing least during the day

is the most important activity in your life

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Two kinds of Criticism

..some that are constructive, and the other destructive kind. There never were one kind of criticism. To criticize, to critic, to be critical are all different things.

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I’m sorry

I couldn't find you


no no no, no, no NO, no no! no, no, nO.. no NO no no, no. No, no no NO! no no no, No, no

yes, ok.


and where i go you know,

and the way you know.

John 14, 4




from an environmental viewpoint

It is quite noteworthy that Noah would care for all the animals, not just the livestock, neither just the favored animals, (to exclude serpents, crows, …) but "every" beast.


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post hoc

propter hoc


ergo, there we go

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emotional responsibility


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